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Fitting an EPIA-M into a Cubid Case
By Alan Cox - Posted on December 9, 2002

As a few lucky people who got their hands on the EPIA-M early have also no doubt discovered, the EPIA-M doesn't actually fit very well into the rather nice Cubid box. Since using another case would spoil the nice matching lines I decided to rectify the problem.

The usual disclaimers apply for the benefit of US lawyers, the terminally inept and anyone else for that matter. Do this at your own risk. Remember that saws are sharp and have to be used properly. Remember that small pieces of metal sawn out of PC cases are sharp too. Do not stick your EPIA-M in the toaster. Do not lick the power connector.

There are three problems with a 2677 box and four with a 2688:

1. The 2688 USB connector doesn't fit the EPIA-M.

Remedy, put the EPIA-M in a 2677 and put the EPIA from that into
the new case so getting nice USB ports!

2. The ATX power cable is too short to reach the repositioned power connector on the EPIA-M

I bought an ATX power extender. It is also possible to buy
a replacement cable but if you do this be aware the Cubid has the
disk connectors tapped off the ATX power cable which your replacement
cable will not.

3. On the right hand side of the connectors (as viewed from the rear) of
the EPIA-M is a three high audio block for the 5.1 audio outputs. This fouls the PCI card mounting on the 2677.

Take a hacksaw (you'll want a real one with detachable blade). Saw upwards to the point the metal already splits to make the holder for the tab at the bottom of the PCI card. Saw across along the top of open rectangle the connectors stick through to meet the other saw line (this is most easily done by detaching the saw blade, theading it through the hole and reattaching it to the saw). File the edges smooth if need be.

You should now have half a PCI mounting and a clear space for the connectors. You can now fit the motherboard and build most of the system. Your PCI card will still foul the audio jacks. Take the PCI card and saw down the middle of the narrow tab at the bottom. Saw across to remove the half of the narrow tab that fouls the audio. The screw and other half of the tab still hold the card reasonably securely.

Because the card clearance on the Cubid is so low I always recommend putting an insulating layer on top of the PCI card to avoid shorting if anyone ever puts something heavy on top of it.

4. The fan cable is too short to reach the sysfan on the motherboard.

Either ignore it (who actually wires those fans anyway?), or snip the wires and add an extra section in the middle then solder them and cover the connectors carefully in insulation tape.

My EPIA-M is very happy in the Cubid 2677. Once the board is on general release it may well be acquiring a couple of companions too.

Pictures of a modified Cubid case

Andreas Denz in Germany kindly sent us a couple of pictures of his 'mutilated' case. His words - we don't think it looks too bad.

The "ToAsTOr"

The "ToAsTOr"

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