The "BriefCasePC"
By Ninny
Posted on October 17, 2002
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The Specs

Via EPIA 800 mainboard $240
30 GB HDD $150
Lite-on 40x burner $140
Wireless RF Keyboard $80
150w power supply $60
Neon Light $30

I'm sure you all love my ghetto-style cabling. I used a helluvalot of Cable Ties. And my cheapo rounded IDE cables (yellow & green). The HDD is mounted sideways for better airflow.

On the top is my Wireless Keyboard Receiver and in the bottom left hand corner you could probably see my $1 Thermometer. The Case Fan is running at 7V so it isn't too noisy when I'm sleeping.. but over all it runs really quiet.

My front panel with the really bad cutout for the CD-ROM but it works! The panel has 2 USB ports and the light switch.

I cut out the bottom base and luckily it fitted nicely. The cable is from the keyboard receiver.

Here's the system next to a 14" Monitor with my sexy keyboard

I also etched my window. It's of Tommy from Rug-Rats. Yeah I know I should've done a spider...

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