The "Coelacanth-PC"
By Geir Ergoy, Norway
Posted on October 6, 2004
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The TV

Here is that pathetic old case again, this time without electronics. It is dusty and full of spider webs, but theyare not visible on the image.

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I had an old toy suit case full of paint and pens. My little brother had used up all the pens, especially the green ones. (He loved green cars when he was young)

It was very high quality, so I decided to use one of the wooden plates as a faceplate, where the CRT originally had been.

The picture shows the front panel perfectly adapted to fill the gap of the little CRT. The huge holes in the front panel are the CRT and keyboard panel.

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Again, I am sorry about the image quality. %#&#/& Lego-Cam!!!

Here is a closeup of the computer, with the CRT and numeric keyboard installed. The electronics of the CRT has been mounted on the side of the case. A hole was drilled in the case, where I have access to the variable capacitor that tunes the channels. The knob is original from the big TV; I have just moved it a little.

The slot under the CRT is for a standard size CD-ROM.

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The wooden panel is full of scratches, and the reason is its past as a toy for children. But, now I don’t have to worry about damage. ;-)

This is the first picture since I removed the green foil from the keyboard panel. I think it looks better in wood.

Notice the golden snail on the CRT panel. That’s because I love snails.

Here are some images of the things I have stuffed inside. At the moment, I still hadn't bought a motherboard, but it must be a Mini-ITX!


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Image of the CRT-driver and audio amplifier:

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I have produced some metal brackets to mount the IDE drives on. The brackets have a past as an external SCSI CD-ROM drive and an old AIWA stereo.

Mounting together an aluminium plate from the SCSI CD-ROM, to the old back plate of the AIWA stereo. The aluminium plate will fit perfectly in a track meant for the TV’s circuit board, and the hard drive will be mounted directly on it. The CD-burner will be screwed onto the AIWA panel (to the right).

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With an old hard drive mounted on. This is not the hard drive I am going to use.

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