The "Falcon-ITX"
By Russ Caslis
Posted on May 28, 2003
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The back cover was going to have the exhaust vents, so after I had it all painted I had to glue 6 laptop fans to the cover. I also built a little circuit that connected all the fans to the computer's power to spin those fans.

Time to glue the legs on... the entire weight of the computer would be resting on these, so I used some high-strength epoxy.

Finally, I could put everything together. Everything fit inside, put it was somewhat tight. Luckily, I managed to plan the basic layout well and hit no significant problems. Most components were held in place simply by the strength of the case itself, but in a couple of places I used double-sticky tape or hot-glue.

This was a great mod. It's unique, it was fun to do.

"THE OUTER MODS" by the creator of this mod, Russ Caslis is available on VHS and region free DVD at