The "G4 Cube PC"
By Wookie
Posted on November 9, 2002
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It even has the heritage of G4 Cube. The "power brick" is a good evidence.

The VIA CPU is underneath the small cooling fan. It would be even "cooler" if I could find the 500MHz Eden fanless processor version. No luck, I finally settled with this 800MHz C3 processor version.

In order to fit with the VIA mainboard, I had to use a wire cutting machine to cut out a rectangular area so that all the ports can protrude out of the casing.

To-Do List

As you can see from the above pictures, the "power brick" is very close to the Cube due to the short wire length. I am finding an extension cable so that I can put the power brick far far away. Currently it is quite noisy. Oh well, it is not as noisy as my Windows XP workstation, but since it looks extremely like an Apple G4 Cube, I thought it shouldn't be noisier than a Cube. Install a ghostly power light. Hey, it looks cool even just act as a power indicator. Connect a slot loading internal DVD-ROM drive that was meant to be a replacement part for G4 Cube or iMac to the Cube, once I find the correct adapter...