The "Humidor PC"
By Jamie Burke
Posted on June 4, 2003
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Cutting the case - that's where my brother in law came in. First thing to do is tape it all up, then measure-measure-measure.

That's all were talking about the cutting part…

There are six fans total in this box. The 12V fans running at 7V make noise almost inaudible. When the box lid is closed any remaining sound is muffled. There is only one visible "blowhole" cut in the back. Rubber grommets were attached to the bottom of the box to raise it slightly. This allowed me to add undetectable fans to the bottom of the unit.

The humidor is powered-on via the wireless keyboard. The CD is ejected through software. I just single click on an icon next to the clock, and out comes the CD. This is hooked into my LAN (1000k down, 200k up). The resolution is set to 800x600 @ 85hz. The picture looks good enough to read and surf the web as I am running S-Video I can play ANY media types, I am no longer confined to "just what my DVD player can do". Divx playback is smooth.

The box really is pretty quite considering the fans. DVD playback is a good as any standard player I've owned in the past. Sound quality is the same quality as well. I may add more RAM later, and over-clock a little. Iv seen Quake III being played on the M6000, so I should be able to on this if I wanted. I think the coolest thing about this is, you do a one-click, and out comes a CD from this wooden box…

Updated pictures

Jamie updated his Humidor PC - here are a couple of pictures he sent us.