The "SaturnPC"
By Musse, Sweden
Posted on August 24, 2002
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3. Some things that fit, some that don't ;)

I cut off all pieces under the Saturn cover with my dremel that were in the
way. I had to cut out a piece in the back for the slim cd so it would fit under
the cover. I taped the old cd lid to the cover so it would not open.

The World's First Saturn PC was born! :)

I plugged in all the cables in the back and installed Windows XP.

As you can see in the pictures the power supply is outside the Saturn case. Unfortunately I could not find any Mini-ITX or Micro ATX PSUs, so I had to use a standard 235W ATX powersupply. The power supply case is very big compared to the whole SaturnPC :P

The rear of the case, showing the rear-facing CD ROM.

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