The "SpaceCase"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 21, 2002
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6. Close up of the HDD and the DVD/CD-RW

Two very special adapters for the two notebook parts: a Hitachi 40GB HDD and a slimline Sony Vaio DVD/CD-RW, connected through a coolermaster rounded IDE cable.

7. The Base

In the base of the computer the power supply will be placed, together the 40 high density red LEDs, 2 blue CCFLs, switches for these lights, and a power on/off switch.

Also a 4x4cm extractor will find a place here.

8. The RF Receiver for Keyboard and Mouse

The RF Receiver for Keyboard and Mouse, dismantled and mounted on the back of the GfX LCD with three spacers and double adhesive tape.

The cable will be connected on the little pins on the left of the receiver.