The "SpacePanel"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 29, 2002
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2. The Wiring Diagram

As the DataVision DG-24128-5-S1FLBY has a Toshiba T6963c controller chip onboard, we will use the wiring diagram below to connect the 20 pins of the LCD connector to the LPT (parallel) port of your computer. With many thanks to Eelco Schijf and his site at (dutch)

3. The LCD Connection Cable

For connecting the Graphic LCD screen to the parallel port we will use an LPT connector, a big potentiometer for controlling the backlight, a small potentiometer for controlling the contrast and some wires with a header on a 2.5mm raster which will connect to the 20 pins on the Gfx LCD.

The LPT connector, the potentiometers, some wires and the 10 pin headers - I used 2 x 10 pin headers, as a 20 pin header was hard to find.

After connecting and soldering the cable can look something like this:

The LPT header with the wiring and the blue reset button.

The wiring completed - on the left is the LPT connector, on the right the headers.