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Morex Cubid 2677R Review
Posted on August 17, 2002

Mounting the case sideways

The case comes with 2 adjustable plastic legs to mount the case sideways. If they can be fixed securely, we couldn't work out how. So they drop off when you pick the case up. Oh well.

Here's the case mounted sideways.

And here's the case standing more traditionally (again)


Morex have produced a solid, quiet and very small case that wouldn't look out of place next to a TV or Video Recorder. In fact our review machine has been sitting on top of the Mini-ITX satellite receiver for a week now, and we see no reason to move it. The case went together very easily, and is well designed. We liked the sideways mounting feature. The 30mm DIMM restriction could prove a problem for anyone thinking of recycling existing memory. Equally, anyone thinking of reusing a 5.25" CD or DVD drive will have to think again as this case will only accept the more expensive slimline drives. The external PSU is a stroke of genius, as it allows the case to be virtually silent - and the twin fans inside the case could probably be disabled with no ill effect. We managed to scratch the top of our review case during assembly, though we also managed to scratch our G-Alantic so perhaps this is a symptom of painted steel cases rather than this particular model. Be careful when moving it around, and your case will be fine.

Many thanks to Morex and VIA for kindly providing the case and to Helix Technology for providing the slimline DVD/CDRW drive for this review.

Helix Technology contact: Ms. Asling Lin: asling@mail.helix.com.tw

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