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January 4, 2003
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Lian Li PC-402A Review
Posted on January 4, 2003


Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd, based Taiwan have been producing aluminum PC cases since 1983. With over 200 products in their range (according to their website) they are an established world leader in aluminium case manufacture. The PC-402A can be considered to be a mini-version of the very popular PC-6089A. There is also a rather trendy all-black PC-402B version of this case available (not pictured here).

Lian Li's product page for the PC-402A

The Lian Li PC-402A

The PC-402A measures (WxHxD): 8.25"(210mm) x 9.45"(240mm) x 13.39"(340mm) and weighs 6lbs. It has a removable smoked blue translucent swing door, held in place by 4 rubber-covered magnetic stand-offs. In this photo the door looks green, but it's blue. The door can be fully removed with a firm tug, and just as easily snapped back into place. The cutout at the base of the door allows access to the Microphone and Earphone audio jacks and 2 x USB (2.0 compatible) sockets.

The case is constructed in a very similar way to the Chyang Fun MiniCube cases. An inverted 'U' shaped aluminium cover wraps over an aluminium frame and is held in place by thumb screws at the back. The frame holds the power supply, motherboard and drives. Aluminium is an ideal material for case manufacture - it is light, strong and conducts heat better than steel, acting like a big heatsink.

At the rear of the case, there is a removable I/O panel for the motherboard. The case is designed for "Mini-Flex ATX" motherboards, i.e. anything up to 7"x7.5". The vertical PCI cover plate can be seen on the right, giving your PCI card somewhere to stick out of.

There is space for a floppy sized drive (useful for the EPIA M) and 2 x 5.25" full size drives, e.g. a CDROM and DVD drive. The drive plates can be removed and replaced easily - don't throw them away!

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