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G-Alantic 610i

G-Alantic 610i Review
Posted on August 9, 2002


G-Alantic Enterprise Co., Ltd. are a Taiwanese manufacturer and exporter of all sizes of computer cases and associated components. The 'Starex' series 610i case is their first foray into the microcosmic world of Mini-ITX. They kindly provided us with one of the first cases to come off the production line, which we review here.


  1. First Impressions
  2. The Power Supply Unit
  3. The Front Panel
  4. Fitting the Hard Drive
  5. Fitting the Motherboard
  6. The GA610RS PCI Riser Card
  7. Putting the Case Back Together
  8. Conclusion
  9. Gallery Page 1
  10. Gallery Page 2
  11. Gallery Page 3

First Impressions

The GA-610i measures (WxHxD): 13.38"(340mm) x 3.78"(96mm) x 10.83"(275mm). It weighs approximately 5.5Kg, according to the packaging.

The case is of a solid steel construction, and comes in 2 colours. We had the SG (silver) model - actually a dark grey colour. The PL (pearl) model is the whiter flavour, though we haven't seen one of those yet.

The plastic front panel is colour-matched to the case and flips open on the left to reveal 5 differently shaped cutouts and a removable floppy-drive sized front panel. The cutouts look like they will fit 2 audio sockets, a Firewire socket, an infra red module and 2 USB sockets. G-Alantic will be providing the USB and IR modules as an option. We suspect the audio and Firewire sized cutouts are either leftovers from initial Mini-ITX board specifications or anticipatory of future (CLE266) Mini-ITX boards. Either way, they'll come in useful at some point and are all obscured by the left panel when it is closed anyway.

Behind the aforementioned removable floppy-drive sized front panel is a floppy-drive sized space complete with mounting points. The EPIA motherboards currently available do not have a floppy drive connector, and future models probably won't either. But the floppy drive is an industry standard form factor and other things can be fitted here instead, such as G-Alantic's own 115A 3.5" "Travel Flash Card Pocket Disk" or knowing our readers - LCD displays, miniature VU meters or racks of blue LEDs...

Now's probably a good time for you to have a quick peek at G-Alantic's product page before we install a Mini-ITX motherboard.

G-Alantic's product page

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