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January 26, 2003
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Morex Cubid 2688R

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Morex Cubid 2688R Review
Posted on October 3, 2002

Testing the USB Ports (without a Hard Drive)

Time to have a bit of fun with the USB ports. We just booted the motherboard into Linux from that USB pen drive. Really.

Back to normality. The Hard Drive fits into the cage-on-a-sled, just like with the 2677.

Once again the ancient chinese art of IDE cable folding is utilised to great effect. We call it (wait for it)... Morigami. Geddit? Oh well.

And to wrap it all up, a view of the front of the case. There's also a PCI riser card, and 2 feet for vertical mounting, and a notebook IDE to desktop IDE converter, just like the 2677R. You may want to pop over to that review, and see what we missed out.


The 2688R is another great case by Morex, building on the 2677R with front-mounted USB ports, and allowing room for a compact flash reader at a later date. We'd prefer a heavier layer of paint on the metal - you still have to be careful not to scratch it - and come to think of it, some stick-on rubber feet would be useful too. But as a slimline Desktop PC (the steel case should hold a smaller monitor and definitely a TFT monitor), large Book PC, or a Next-to-the-TV PC, this is currently top of the Mini-ITX pile.

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