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Travla C137 Mini-ITX Case Review
Posted on October 8, 2003

Click to launch image viewer

Internally, the C137 is a simple design. The base tray holds the motherboard in the corner of the case (bottom left of this picture). Above the base tray sits the top drive tray, running from the front to the back of the case. This can hold a slimline optical drive at the front (towards the top of this picture). There is another hard drive tray next to the DC-DC converter, which can support both 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives. If the optical tray had a bit more metal to it, another 2.5" hard drive could have been squeezed in there, above the motherboard.

Click to launch image viewer

Cooling is provided by a single 60x60x10mm fan blowing out the side of the case, next to the motherboard heatsink(s). Vents positioned on each side of the case allow air to be sucked across the motherboard. The fan is made by ARX, part number FD1260-A1033A. It's a 12V CeraDyna unit, so should have a very long MTBF. In use, we found it to be noisier than the similarly dimensioned fan in the Cubid 3677/3688 - it spins faster.

Click to launch image viewer

We decided to fit a 3.5" hard drive into the drive tray in front of the DC-DC converter. There are several combinations of hard drive, hard drive tray and DC-DC converter positioning possible, but this looked liked the easiest. Here are a couple of tips that will save you five minutes:

Tip #1 - Attach the IDE cable to the drive before putting it into position - the DC-DC converter nestles very close to the cable (the way we did it).

Tip #2 - Don't screw the drive into the tray at the point where it will touch the the 60mm fan - it won't fit back onto its rails properly...

Click to launch image viewer

Next we fitted the I/O panel and an EPIA motherboard. There's plenty of room for a Micro-ATX board in there too. The thin ribbon cable coming from the top left attaches to the LED and power switch headers on the board.

Click to launch image viewer

We fitted an optical drive to its drive tray - it's time to find that impossibly small screwdriver we reserve for such purposes. Don't forget to screw in the slimline IDE to desktop IDE adaptor to the back of your optical drive.

Click to launch image viewer

With a little bit of IDE origami we attached the hard drive to the motherboard, and screwed the optical drive tray back into place. The fan cable was just long enough to fit onto the SYS FAN header on the motherboard.

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