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G-Alantic 610i

G-Alantic 610i Review
Posted on August 9, 2002

Putting the Case Back Together

I've test booted the PC so it's time to fit the case together. There is an optional screw-in security hook to attach a (thin) cable or padlock to.

Here's the case shell fitted, without the front panel.

Here's the case with the front panel snapped back in place. It's like we're back at the start of the review all over again...

...except this time it switches on...

..and ejects CDs. But not if you have a slot-loading drive. The front panel has a clever springed door which opens with the drive and closes after it, hiding the drive behind. This won't work with a slot-loader, as there's no way to open the door without ejecting it. Oh well.

Here's that front panel again, from the back.


G-Alantic aren't the world's biggest case manufacturer, but have boldly taken on the task of producing a Mini-ITX case early on in the form factor's life cycle. This is a gamble that deserves to pay off, as they have ironed out the rough edges on their earlier FlexATX products to create a case with hardly any problems. And with a promising range of extras (IR Sensors, USB ports, Flash card readers) to boot. With the Cubid 2677 taking the laptop-size CD/DVD route, this slightly larger case is the more cost-effective option - particularly if you want to play DVDs on your newly-housed Mini-ITX system.

Many thanks to G-Alantic and VIA for kindly providing the case for this review.

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