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Inside the Hush Silent Mini-ITX PC
Posted on April 22, 2003

Click to launch image viewer

A close up of the front of the case. The power button glows blue when the machine is on, and has a small red hard disk activity LED above it. The standard front of the slimline CDROM (or DVD/CDRW) drive has been replaced with one the same colour as the case.

Click to launch image viewer

To change the memory or a PCI card, a small blue plastic tool with two prongs is provided. These fit into the heads of the six threaded nuts that hold the top of the case in place.

Click to launch image viewer

The top of the case is a thick aluminium sheet. The finish on our case was quite shiny - you can see the reflection of various random household objects in some of the pictures.

Click to launch image viewer

Once inside, the motherboard and internals are revealed. No fans here!

Click to launch image viewer

Bottom left is the hard drive, in an aluminium enclosure. The three white cables in a curve top left attach to the USB/Firewire PCI panel (this comes as standard with the EPIA M motherboards). The motherboard is top right, the DC-DC converter is middle/bottom right, and the slimline optical drive sits on top of that.

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The hard drive is enclosed in an aluminium case and mounted on thermal transfer pads, which serve to both channel heat towards the fins and out of the case, and also handily deaden vibrations from the drive.

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PCI expansion is possible with the fitted PCI riser card. The USB/Firewire PCI panel can be seen beneath the PCI blanking plate.

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