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January 26, 2003
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January 4, 2003
Lian Li PC-402A

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Lian Li PC-402A Review
Posted on January 4, 2003

A slightly blurred photo of the front of the case, showing the Power / Reset buttons, Power and HD LEDs, 2 x USB ports and 3.5mm Microphone and Earphone audio sockets. The power LED is a shade of satisfyingly bright blue.

Before we build our PC, let's look at the lovely brushed aluminium finish on the PC-402A case. Yum.

Removing the 4 thumb screws allows the top to slide out and lift off. There is a small piezo speaker nestling away at the front of the case.

Inside we find the power supply and power cables, and the USB and audio header leads. 3 Molex power connectors are provided, which is more than most Mini-ITX cases - but as this case can support 2 hard drives and 2 CDROM/DVD drives another one would be nice.

Another picture. You can just about see the removable motherboard tray at the base of the case.

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