The "Ambulator I"
By Webb Speidermann
Posted on January 20, 2004
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The top of the case was drilled and tapped so this GMX TV monitor could be screwed in place. The 'off the desk' mouse is called a Rocket Mouse and I have no recollection of where I obtained it.

If you are easily duped, you'll believe that this is not some sort of graphics trickery. It is a good approximation of reality, though. Taking a picture of something displayed on an LCD is something hard to perfect.

The on-screen keyboard is by MiloSoft. It works well and it's free! There are keyboards that strap to your forearm but all cost over $300 - too much for a tight wad. The virtual keyboard is adequate for the occasional password but you wouldn't want to type a letter or create an Excel spreadsheet. Using a small TV for a monitor limits what you can do anyway. Viewing video works and listening to music is fine (headphones).

Here we have the harness and battery. The rainbow straps were used for just one reason ...... they were VerY inexpensive. Now, you can use your rainbow stuff for ...... whatever and that's fine. I used them just because I'm a frugal guy (my wife translates frugal as cheap).

With Bantam II a very shiny finish was easy to produce but this case had a matrix of imperfections that couldn't be buffed out without more showing up. I ended up giving it a brushed finish using 400 grit sandpaper. The final finish is paste wax and seems to be keeping oxidation away quite nicely.

Side shot

I have a short strap (not shown) with two male connectors that can be used for hanging the PC and monitor off a head rest in the family auto. The monitor also swivels to let that happen. After setting it up once I determined not to use it that way. It looked like something that could magnify or cause injury should there be an accident.