The "Ammo Box"
By Guy Pracy
Posted on May 23, 2003
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Everything in place now. The CD drive is only temporary for installing software, and won't feature in the finished item. The front panel was made out of a sheet of aluminium with all the required holes cut into it; the LED's and power switch are held in place with hot melt glue.

Close up of GeForce 2 MX 400 in situ. The thick grey wires are the USB & Firewire cables from the motherboard to the front panel.

Front view of front panel. It has been sprayed green now. The 88 key keyboard was dropped later on in the project, due to problems with some software.

A closer view of the front panel. I cut 2 x 30mm holes into the right hand side of the front panel, and fixed a couple of fan guards over them. These holes are to let air into the case for cooling - obviously. The PSU fan exhausts plenty of air, and fresh air is sucked through the 30mm holes into the case.

Another close up of the front panel. You can see the hard drive sat behind the air intakes.

The Case. It's an ex-army 50 calibre ammo box. Originally holding rounds for a 50 calibre machinegun. As can be seen from the stencilling, every 5th round was tracer. This was bought from an army surplus store for the princely sum of £4.25p