The "Ammo Box"
By Guy Pracy
Posted on May 23, 2003
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There she is, all fitting nicely in the ammo box.

Will the lid shut without putting pressure onto the ports? I applied very thin layers of Blue Tac over the ports, and progressively shut the lid tighter and tighter; checking the Blue Tac for any marks indicating the lid had come in contact with the ports….. Until finally……

The lid shut. No marks on the Blue Tac.

Up and running in the case. No problem with heat. The green of the front panel looks very different to the rest of the case in this picture; this is something to do with the flash on the camera.

Running Windows XP. The front panel colour looks much better here.

Will it do what I wanted it to do? Namely play games? Here it is running Battlefield 1942 with no problems, frame rate is acceptable, just have to keep the screen res down and the detail levels low. Runs Medal of Honour Allied Assault with playable frame rates too. For some reason, the Medal of Honour Allied Assault Spearhead version struggles quite badly. Command and Conquer Generals plays quite well. Considering it's not an all singing, all dancing games machine, it copes very well. Also by overclocking I ran the M10000 (using the x9 multiplier) at 1199Mhz with no problems. Played several levels of MOHAA and BF1942, and then went on to do a 3DMARK benchmark and not a blip or hitch. Got a 3DMARK result of 1503, which compared to the basic M10000 using it's own on board graphic, 3DMARK of 400 (not my result, from a review somewhere) is an excellent improvement.

Screen shot of MOHAA in action. Frame rate of 25 fps. This figure does vary with scene and with amount of action, but very rarely drops below 20 fps, and can be as high as 60 fps for the less intensive scenes.