The "Attache Server"
By John Kanemura
Posted on January 23, 2004
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The motherboard tray is made from an old ATX case floor cut 7" x 7" with standard standoffs on the board side and stainless steel spacers on the other.

The PSU had to be modified to supply power to the LCD display, the tail is a computer power cord cut to around 10" long and soldered into the mains. A switch controls power to the extention to cut down on heat build-up from the LCD transformer as it spends most of it's time closed as a file server for my network.

Test fitting all the parts. The hard drive sits up on double motherboard standoffs and held on by 4 6-32 screws through the side of the case as does the mainboard.

I wanted this to be a complete computer so I voided yet another warranty and cut and ground the metal backing plate to a MAGinovisions 14" monitor. Then using 4 screws attached the flat panel to the lid of the attache case.

That's the 802.11b/g USB adapter and yes it does connect when the metal case is closed!

The little silver object is the receiver for the keyboard and mouse and is held in place on the LCD power supply with velcro, also some wire management involving velcro too!