The "BlueBox"
By Mathieu Poignant
Posted on July 25, 2002
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2.Modifying the Box

The Box is an aluminium case I found in an hardware shop for about 15 €/$. The dimensions are 150mm x 220mm x 330mm. The box is in fact only coated with aluminium - the inside consists of 5mm wood and 5mm foam. Of course I used a Dremel to make all the holes needed, and I removed some foam so that air could flow under the Motherboard and Hard Disk.

On the left, you can see the 3 screw holes for the Motherboard and the big hole for I/O panel. On the right, you can see 2 of the 4 holes I made for fixing the Hard Disk. In the middle, there is the big hole for the 80mm Fan. And inside the lid (not shown), I've made 2 holes for the Power Supply screws and I/O.

The Motherboard holes:

The Hard Disk holes:

The Power Supply holes:

The Fan hole:

The 3 holes for the 2 LEDs and the switch: