The "Bubbacomp"
By Jeff Dyer
Posted on March 12, 2003
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Here's what the internals of the box were re-vamped to look like...

But, wait! Shouldn't I have somewhere to turn this on, or maybe see some lights? Well, YEAH! That's why I took advantage of the fact that there's this rubber hole in the top of the bubba. I dropped a switch into that, and drilled 2 more holes for LED holders.

What else is there do to? Oh yeah... Power. Since I'm using one of those really small power supplies, there's a jack for 12volts to come in. So, I needed to tap the power into the bubba. Using the tap!

In the picture, it's held in there with hot glue, but, then I made it permanent and it's got two screws in the red plastic to hold it on. So, we have power, lights, switches, and, well, I guess you can see from that last pitcure, we've got board! That's it. I was done! If you look at this thing dead on in the front, you can't tell it's a computer. The desired effect.


Well, there ya go. That's the bubbacomp. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Currently, it's runnin kinda hot, but, other than that it's not bad, if it becomes a serious problem, I'll add a fan to the back. The board is just amazing for it's size. I use it to play MP3, video, and MSN when needed. It's hooked up to my TV, since I have no room for an extra monitor in a useable place. The only issue I have with my shotty construction is that the bottom piece I had to cut off doesn't fit back, but it does stay in place.