The "Coelacanth-PC"
By Geir Ergoy, Norway
Posted on October 6, 2004
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Here is a gallery of images of the completed computer. The one just below shows the CRT's on/off-switch and the tuner.

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Below you see a bird's eye view of the computer.

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And here is a closeup of the screen.

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Here is an image of the PC where the screen is on. The blitz makes it difficault to see due to reflections from the glass.

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A screenshot of the file-transfer from my old hard drive to the new one... The picture is important, because it symbolises the change from an old computer to a new design-PC, and blablablabla... ;-)

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Here, I'm running WinAmp. I made all these screenshots to give you an idea of the quality of the picture tube, but that is impossible. The picture is in reality a bit blurry, but the text is perfectly readable when running 640X480, or if I adjust the font-size in windows

The purpose of the cola-can is to give you an idea of the size of my computer. Do you remember the dull, old PC-support joke? "help, my cup-holder is broken!"

I just had to... ;-)

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Summary This project is not just there to collect dust. It may not be ultra-portable, but I did not want a laptop either. It is just supposed to replace an ATX, and I never meant to carry it around.


Motherboard: VIA EPIA MII12000, m/Via C3 CPU
Harddisk: Western Digital 120 GB
CD-ROM: Memorex TvelweMAXX 1032
Case: HITACHI TU75 Reise-TV
Power supply: 480W (overkill)
Internal display: CoTech