The "Humidor II"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on November 21, 2002
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Four cables coming out through cable mesh merging with the power cable. They form a single cable drop back behind the desk. I've seen my share of people who cringe and shudder at the sight behind their computers. They become faint at the sight of messy cables. I'm working on a black leather Velcro secured cable organizer to cover the initial drop between the desk and wall. It should have the illusion of one friendly cable connecting to the piece from someplace behind the desk. The five exiting cables are power, USB, sound, video and Ethernet.

Dollhouse wood doorframe used as molding around the interface.

Wireless setup semi-installed to illustrate cable routing.

"All manner of bright whirly things to impress my people" says the technically challenged executive. The blue LED light is not well represented in these shots. I have it aimed at the center of the CPU cooling fan causing an eerie blue glow from the depths of the piece.

The handy integrated hygrometer is working overtime to keep me informed. Blue glow is represented but weakened/distorted by camera flash.