The "Humidor M"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on January 20, 2002
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Another inside shot with the lid open. How about the appliqués on the glass top lid? It was hard finding an appliqué that wasn't based on some cartoon character giving me the finger.

Family photo. The Humidor II in the foreground sporting its new appliqué. The M is much taller due to the DVD drive and having to hide 50ft of cable. Every USB device has a 6ft cable attached. I only need about 6 inches of it. The rest is stuffed down below to keep the DVD, hard drive and USB hub company.

Up and running. I bought the new Star Wars, Episode II DVD and it played flawlessly. The ATI Remote Wonder truly is a wonder. I found myself using it more than the mouse for some things. Obligatory Coke can thrown in for size reference.

Jeffrey L Stephenson

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