The "Humidor V"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on June 4, 2003
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Hooking up cabling to the back of the LCD display. Serial, ATX control, floppy power and one of the three fans are connected.

Finished oak piece. The humidifier and hygrometer on the lid are used to ensure the computer is maintained at the correct humidity.

Rosewood. The lock is used extensively on this piece because the interior of this piece can be too shocking for some people.

There has to be at least one in every ten. Love it or hate it, this piece still draws the greatest crowd. All the other pieces are black inside.

Back side shot. The serial port is used by the LCD display.

Demo time. This is one of the cherry pieces with almost matching cherry wireless keyboard and mouse from CaseArts. The blue backlit LCD with silver letters is great to look at and easy on the eyes. Scrolling stock market ticker or MP3 song titles, you decide.

The Humidor V pictured in the wild.

This picture is misleading. The humidor computers are designed to be luxury executive tools. This person obviously works for a living.