The "KiSA 444 Surface to Surface PC"
By Chris Adams
Posted on February 26, 2003
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The first time that I put it together I had this wired to the on/off on the power supply. the plug and video out cables were attached to the same metal plate on the bottom. I turned it on for a test run and immediately blew the power supply because the video card which was connected to the motherboard and the metal plate grounded the whole thing out. That's why the video cable is now embedded in an acrylic plate and I swapped out the power supply for an SFX form factor PSU. The SFX PSU slid all the way to the bottom of the case where it is bolted in and the cord runs through the tail and out the bottom. In short, the Master Arm toggle is just for looks now, until I get bored.

this is what the bay looks like naked. I used a dremel and half of a piano hinge to attach the door.

There are two custom moulded acrylic viewing ports, one for cooling and one for video plug in. Everything in here was an extremely tight fit with just enough tolerance between parts to allow for assembly.