The "LunchboxPC"
By fathertom
Posted on September 30, 2002
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Motherboard in Lunchbox

Just a quick pic to show the motherboard compared to the lunchbox. As you can see from later pics I changed the way the ports face. This is a pre any dremeling shot.

Motherboard & Power Supply in Lunchbox

Once again just checking to make sure everything fits before I get to work.

Port Layout

Sure I could have used the back plate that came with the motherboard but that just not good enough for me. So I traced it on some tape and measured where to put that tape on the side. Note remember when you tell yourself to move something 2cm to the right you do it right away because when you wake up in the morning your not going to remember.

Dremel Work

As you can see most of my back panel dremel work is done. This is after recharging my cordless dremel twice. Ones again I learn a valuable lesson - cordless dremels suck.

Finished Side Panel

Well I'm done with the back panel.. which is now a side panel dremeling. As you can see I did an ok job but the next one I make will be a lot better. Almost lost my figures 3 times and almost went blind twice. All in a days work.

Loading the OS

While all that dremeling was happening I was loading the OS, Win XP. This shows a pretty good shot of the power button I modified from a Compaq Presario. Fun fun I say. Nothing is hotter then a naked computer.

Power Button

Did a little dremel and screw work to put my modified power button into Batman's mouth. I think the placement brings it all together.

Front Shot

If you look at the top right you can see the plug for the power. Looks pretty? I know you're jealous.