"Racing The Light" (RTL)
By Richard Coles
Posted on January 22, 2003
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Side panels and DVD

In this picture the side panels are now in place and the development of a mechanisum to hold the DVD in place was underway. I call this the DVD bridge. The PCI riser and PSU panel are used as a platform to support this bridge. I was not sure how the DVD was going to look on the front panel yet so it was a bit of hit and miss at this stage with the bridge.

Front view of DVD

The DVD comes from an old Compaq Pressario. The DVD tray door is slightly curved so I was not sure how the DVD front was going to look once the front panel was in place.

Sizing up a back panel

The prototyping of the back panel was done as a rectangle for the connectors and a smaller one above for the PCI card. The shape was cut and the panel proped up against the case to see the connectors and if any other holes need to be cut, such as the power connector on the far left.

A temporary lid

This lid is not the final one but a piece of Perspex that was damaged in creating the first lid. It is only placed on top to guage the look of the project.

A handle

The box has aquired a handle for easy carrying. This hand is a kitchen unit type from the local DIY store. The panels have been screwed together. I am not happy with the use of addition strips of Perspex used to thicken the screw anchor points, this is the reasoning behind building the next version in thicker Perspex. Notice that the DVD is not in place as the front panel does not have any holes cut out yet for the DVD.

The RTL completely enclosed

The DVD is in place along with the wireless adapter. I removed the lid of the DVD so that the DVD/CD when inserted can be seen going round. The strip in front of the DVD is to protect peoples eyes,when a disc is not inserted, as the laser fires up on booting. Eventually I will etch this shape out onto the lid to provide the laser blocking.

The front view

A clean simple front panel - On / Off switch, DVD front and a HDD light.