The "SpaceCase"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 21, 2002
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12. Connecting the GfX-LCD

With the help of some people on GoT, Mr ChromM, Zotty and M_Dark and their extremely helpful site I connected the LCD screen to the LPT using this diagram.

With the excellent software from the above mentioned site a GfX display really comes alive.

13. Connecting the GfX-LCD (2)

Using a cut-through Coolermaster rounded floppy cable to connect the graphic display to the male LPT connector I have mounted in the back of the case.

14. The Front and Back Modules

The two 'modules' ready to be connected in the tube.

On the left you can see the front module with the DVD/CD-RW, HDD, GfX LCD, RF Reciever and 20LED HDD activity meter.

On the right you can see the back module with the motherboard and 1GB memory.