The "SpaceCase"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 21, 2002
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15. The Wiring Close-Up

A close-up of the connections of the RF receiver and the headers for the 20LED VU meter.

16. The Wiring Close-Up (2)

A picture from the wiring under the motherboard, where the tube is totally filled with wires.

Wires for the 20LED HDD VY meter, CCFL converter and potentiomenters for control of the VU meter master molex.

Underneath you can see the rounded floppy cable which connects the GfX LCD to the male LPT connector.

17. Almost Finished!

This is how it looks almost finished. Only the power supply remains to be mounted. You can see the switches at the front for the CCFLs, LED and power.

The size of the computer is 25cm (L) x 20cm (diameter) x 26cm (H).

The base is 15cm x 15cm and 8cm maximum height.