The "SpaceCase"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 21, 2002
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18. A Bird's Eye View

A picture taken from above (still lacking the power supply)

19. Rear View

The rear with the VIA EPIA backplate. Underneath is the male LPT connector for the GfX LCD display.

20. Technical Specifications


VIA Epia Mini-ITX with embedded VIA C3-800mHz proccessor, intergrated AC'97 sound, SP/DIF, LAN, VGA, TV-Out, S-Video, 2xUSB, COM, LPT, 2x512Mb PC133 memory.


Hitachi model TX230A-40gB 2,5" notebook HDD connected throug a 3,5"---> 2,5" converter.


Slim-line Sony model CRX-800E.

Graphic LCD Display

Datavision DG24128-5-S1-FLBY 240x128Pxl Graphic Display, powered by software from Mr. ChronoM, with backlight and contrast control.

Internal RF receiver for Keyboard and Mouse

Trust Wireless Keyboard and Mouse 300KD, totally stripped and connected directly to the motherboard.

HDD activity indicator

20LED HDD activity indicator with fully adjustable sensitivity and brightness controll. Colours: green, orange, red, blue, red high-density.
Developed and build by Mr. Loepie

Power supply

220Vac Enchance Model SFX-1209F Micro ATX 90Watts powersupply, fully stripped and mounted into the base of the computer, cooling by 1 x 4cm fan.


1 x Black-Light 10cm CCFL behind the frontpanel.
1 x Green 10cm CCFL between the HDD and the DVD/CD-R(w).
2 x Blue 10cm CCFL in base, switchable.2 x 20 Red High-density LEDs in the base, switchable.


Coolermaster rounded IDE cable.
Coolermaster rounded floppycable. cut in two for connection of the Graphic LCD display.

All power cables are custom-made by Bart_Banaan.


Titan 8cm model TFD-8025M12B-2 ball bearing in top of computer as circulation fan with BioHazard fingerguard.
Titan 4cm model TFD-4010M12B-2 ball bearing in the base of the computer for extraction of warm air.

Many thanks to Bart Banaan for creating this article and project.
You can contact Bart at here and us at Do you have a Mini-ITX based project we should be seeing here?