The "SpacePanel"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 29, 2002
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6. Installing the Software

For the DataVision, software that supports T6963c controller is required.

Eelco Schijf's site has several downloads at

Mandark has created Power LCD, currently at version 1.1

Other software worth considering particularly for Linux LCD projects is lcdproc at, though this currently (version 0.4.3) doesn't seem to support the T6963c controller.

LCDMax is a popular Shareware app, currently at version 1.1: At this point we don't know if this will work with the T6963c.

7. Testing the LCD

All the connections are made, so now we can test the Graphic LCD.

With the backlight set to maximum:

And with the backlight set to minimum: