The "SpacePanel"
By Bart Banaan, Netherlands
Posted on June 29, 2002
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9. Mounting the LCD Display

With a small drill we drill four holes in each corner to mount the LCD display, and we drill a hole for the potentiometer which controls the backlight. We'll 'hide' the reset switch and the small potentiometer at the back of the LCD.

10. The Finished Product

The completed DataVision 24128 Graphic LCD in a Plexiglass stand.

11. Bill of Materials

  • DataVision 24128 DG-24128-5-S1FLBY
  • Header 20 pins with wires (connection on back of LCD)
  • LPT connector, 25 pins, male
  • 1K potentiometer
  • 10KOhm potmeter
  • moment switch
  • 12Ohm resistor, 0.25A
  • 18Ohm resistor, 0.25A
  • 10kOhm resistor, 0.25A
  • 100nF condensator

With a little detective work, the principles and links given here can be applied to other models of LCD. What are your thoughts on this project? Do you have a Mini-ITX based project we should be seeing here?