The "ToAsTOr"
By Joe Klingler
Posted on December 2, 2002
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The two halves right before final assembly. Notice the WD 120 GB drive with 8MB cache. The brown metal on the inside is painted with Rust-Oleum Rusty Metal Primer. The silver on the inside is Dynamat Extreme. I used several square feet! You can see the Hard Drive bracket is mounted with rubber washers to raise it and help absorb vibration and noise. Almost all screws and washers are stainless steel. "Think Outside the Toaster"

This pic shows the LCD from the front. Notice the counter sunk power button and blue LEDs. The lower LED is the HD activity light that just happened to not be on. Good picture of the chrome. This toaster is 40 years old and the chrome still looks great! I polished it with Flitz metal polish.

This shows the motherboard tray and power supply. The power supply is mounted on a 5 1/4 case blank to insure it never touches the metal. The arrows on the mob tray show the screws that go through the mobo tray, the crumb tray, and the bottom of the toaster.

The bottom with only the power supply and motherboard.

The CDROM popped up, the LCD, and the shine of the chrome.

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