The "Tux Server Project"

or "Roll-Your-Own" Network Attached Storage Device

By Michael Charrier
Posted on October 4, 2003
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Adding the CD/RW Drive

In order to add a CD-RW to the unit, it must be mounted to the side of the case opposite from the motherboard. First, we make mounting bracket from aluminum and attach them to the drive. Next, we remove the other half of the Faraday shield from the side of the Snap Server case with the vent holes. Using a Dremel to reduce the length of the shield exposes the vent holes and prevents the shield from blocking the air intake for the hard drives.

An opening is cut in the top of the Faraday shield and the case for the CD-RW to open to the outside. Cutting the hole in this plastic was a real job; the plastic is a good 5mm thick and a standard nibbler won't work because of thickness. Dremel cutting wheels just melted the plastic, as you can see in the picture. A rough opening was cut then a file was used to complete the opening.

A test fitting of the altered Faraday shield and the CD-RW drive allows us to position and mark where the mounting holes in the shield need to go. We remove the shield, drill the holes, attach the drive to the shield. then put the shield back into the case.

The choice of this CD-RW drive was a good one as the front of the drive is sloped in just the right way to match the rounded top of the Snap Server case. You'll also notice that the front of the drive has a notch on the right-hand side while the opening was cut rectangular. This was due to how well the front matched the slope of the case. The spring that opens the drive isn't strong enough to pop the drive open when the server is assembled. The rectangular opening allows me to get a finger under the front of the drive so I can pull it open.