The "Underwood No. 5"
By Joel Zahn, British Columbia, Canada
Posted on March 13, 2004
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The hard drive was secured with a piece off of the same shelving unit which I recycled in order to create the front panel.

I attached the front panel and bolted it to the frame. I then started to reinstall all of the original Underwood facia..

The last step to finishing off the typewriter was reattaching the carriage. The carriage was reinstalled and it freely moved back and forth. There was just enough room between the hard drive and the carriage mounts to allow the carriage to move freely back and forth.

The finished project: An VIA EPIA Mini-itx 533 Mhz machine. The project took a months' worth of my free time. After this, and other "completed project" pictures were taken, I installed power and reset switches on the front panel. The switches were ordered and arrived about two weeks after the project was completed.

I installed Windows 2000 on the machine. I also installed a freeware program called "Home Typist," which allows you attach sounds to keypresses. I resampled typewriter sounds from one of my original Underwood typewriters and had Home Typist map them to the various key presses on the keyboard. The digital Underwood now sounds like the original. I also found a copy of Leroy Anderson's musical composition entitled, "The Typewriter." The song fits the project quite nicely.