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January 26, 2003
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Morex Cubid 2688R Review
Posted on October 3, 2002

The Optional Compact Flash Reader and Slimline FDD Bay

Here's a shot of the space for the optional compact flash reader. The blanking plate looks to be the same as for a slimline FDD - but as the picture below shows, some slight internal modifications behind might be necessary to get it to work with the forthcoming EPIA-M's floppy support.

If you look carefully you can see where the compact flash reader fits in at the back. It's a shame we don't actually have one really.

The 2 Additional USB Ports

Now let's look at the USB ports on the front of the case. The cable is removable from both ends, so try not to pull it off by mistake.

Here it is connected to the USB header on the EPIA 800. If you get the cable the wrong way round, your USB ports won't work. Make sure the power is off when you plug this in. USB ports have a voltage.

And here's our reference picture for when we unplug the header by mistake. So let's recap, that's Blue-Yellow-Red-Black wires facing to the rear of the board - on both ends of the USB cable.

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