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Jetway B860T Review
By Mark Gill - Posted on October 12, 2002

The Motherboard Headers

Adjoining the DOC socket are the first of numerous motherboard headers:

We see a header for the 3rd and 4th USB ports, though no cable is provided with the board. On its left is a very useful header - COM2, the second serial port. Again no cable is provided, but I imagine that a number of SFF case-modders will be whooping with delight as this provides a means of connecting case-mounted serial LCDs internally. This is a feature that is lacking from current EPIAs.

Following the PCI slot up to the ports area, we find a huddle of headers around the two rear audio jacks:

To the left of the jacks is a standard 4-pin CD-in header. Under the second jack is 5-pin combined audio in/out connector which duplicates the functionality of the jacks - MIC in and line-out (stereo). These could presumably be used to add extra jacks to the front of the case. Beneath this header is a 4-pin stereo line-in connector.

If we now look at the opposite corner of the board, we find another interesting header:

The centre pair of pins are labelled "LAN-LED", and are used to show network activity when connected to a case-mounted LED as mentioned in the Cubid 2688 review. The remaining headers on the board comprise 2 fan headers and one for infra-red.

Finally, let's take a look at the ports:

The usual roundup of ports are found here, though in a rather non-standard layout. From the left, we have mouse + keyboard, LAN and 2 x USB, then serial, VGA and parallel, followed by an S-Video TV-out connector and finally line-out and MIC-in.

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