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January 26, 2003
Chyang Fun E-Note

January 4, 2003
Lian Li PC-402A

November 4, 2002
Netbox Cubit

October 24, 2002
EPIA-M Preview

October 12, 2002
Jetway B860T

October 9, 2002
RealMagic XCard

October 3, 2002
Morex Cubid 2688R

August 17, 2002
Morex Cubid 2677R

August 9, 2002
G-Alantic 610i

G-Alantic 610i Review
Posted on August 9, 2002

The GA610RS PCI Riser Card

The review case came with the optional GA610RS PCI Riser Card, essentially an electrical right angle joint allowing full height PCI cards to fit horizontally into the case.

The riser card is secured by 2 screws to the metal case frame.

This space is just crying out for a Sigma Real Magic XCard...

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