The "Humidor II"
By Jeffrey L. Stephenson
Posted on November 21, 2002
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Tail end of PSU brick being lifted up to clear cables then....

The 95W PSU comes up and out then rests on the table without anything being disconnected! The PSU has two 4-pin connectors and one floppy-style connector.

Unfinished inside interface opening. The height of the PSU opening is 3/4" taller than it needs to be. This creates a "slot" underneath the electrical box, which passes cables and air. The motherboard is mounted sideways so that the cables have to make an immediate right turn to exit out under the PSU.

This is what I call the money shot. It shows the cabling and routing in detail. The extra long wireless receiver cable was wound up and stowed. Hard drive to the left. Tip of LED light at forefront of picture. ThermalTake memory cooler to the right. I especially like the mesh fit over the USB light. I didn't pull it all the way past the bulb. Instead I left excess mesh around the light, which creates a more subtle effect.

Back door shot. This has been my most challenging design idea. A single rectangular cut in the back of a wooden box, such as the size of this 75ct humidor, solved the problem. It doesn't matter if the EPIA-M has a different connector layout. It also allows me to pursue the umbilical style of cable system management.

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