The "EPIA Powered Mantle Radio"
By Beau Walker
Posted on July 20, 2003
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After a good sanding down, it was time to stain the wood, and make a baseplate.

Here are the front arches after being routed and stained in English Mahogany.

Now it is time to design the front grille which will be routed out of ply and houses the speaker and infra-red receiver.

After several billion designs, My mate Ben came up with the final

Routing this out was a challenge, but it came up a treat!

Here is the base plate after a coat of Acrylic Gloss clear varnish.

Next on the agenda was to make the front grille cloth. I used a piece of calico and stained the stark white material with 6 tea bags!

Here is the cloth attached to the front panel with a bead of wood glue. In the back ground is the speaker spacer which had to be built up to take the tweeter section of the Pioneer car speaker.