The "SaturnPC"
By Musse, Sweden
Posted on August 24, 2002
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2. The LEDs and CD ROM

I used the original power and reset button as you can see on the pictures.

The reset button was a little bit tricky. It was pressing a button on the Saturn console motherboard, so I had to put a little switch under the black plastic stick that you see on the picture (the switch is hidden under plate). Because the switch was so close to the reset stick I had to cut out a bit.

I also use the 2 original plastic pieces that light up the front panel (where it says POWER and ACCESS on the case). I simply taped the LEDs under the plastic pieces and when the leds are used they light up the whole plastic.
It looks very nice, but the case hides that now...

To be able to mount my slim cd above the motherboard I used the tin cover that was used in the Saturn console. I had to cut it and bend it so it fit.

I simply taped the slim cd on top of the tin cover.