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Computex 2004, Day Six
June 22, 2004

In this sixth and final installment of our guide to Computex 2004, which we're incorrectly calling "Day 6", we have all sorts of devices from the VIA stand - some of which you will be able to buy, others you won't...

Computex 2004 show report - Day Six

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A working Nanode!
June 21, 2004

Here's the first shot of a working Nanode, our very own Nano-ITX system due later this year. The actual colour is white enamel - it looks cream here as it is being basked in the fires of Middle Earth from the screen opposite.

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The "Jukebox ITX"
June 17, 2004

Looking to liven up your MP3 collection? If so then consider Will Hatcher your "Jukebox Hero". Listen here how Will retrofitted a retro-looking radio/cd player into a Mini-ITX masterpiece. Sounds good to us. Just don't try to put a dime in this jukebox, baby.

Will Hatcher's "Jukebox ITX"

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Computex 2004, Day Five
June 11, 2004

We're back in the UK after our trip to Taiwan, but still have plenty of pictures left in the digital camera. In this penultimate installment, we looked at a Geode NX system from AMD, VIA's EPIA MS board, two fanless systems from Scythe, and a Nail printing system from ImagiNail...

Computex 2004 show report - Day Five

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Linux Devices Interview Glenn Henry
June 10, 2004

Linux Devices have a meaty interview with Glenn Henry, founder of VIA processor subsidiary Centaur Technology, and former Dell CTO and IBM Fellow. He's the reason the C3 chip actually exists - well worth a read!

Interview with Glenn Henry at Linux Devices

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Computex 2004, Day Four
June 04, 2004

Today we looked further at the KC3000 from Mapower, examined the full range of Industrial Mini-ITX boards from IBASE, and (pictured above) the Hush Mini-ITX Extended from Hush Technologies.

Computex 2004 show report - Day Four

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Computex 2004, Day Three - VTF2004
June 03, 2004

Today we're reporting directly from VIA's Technology Forum, and will be updating the page occasionally when we see something interesting. Here's a freshly taken picture of an EPIA-powered robot assistant built at National Chiao Tung University.

Computex 2004 show report - Day Three - VTF2004

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Computex show report - Day Two
June 02, 2004

Today we bring you pictures of a Mini-ITX case designed for Pentium 4 motherboards from Morex, and look at the EPIA MS and its heatsink, and DFI's entrance to the world of Mini-ITX. This picture has nothing to do with anything we're talking about. It quite clearly was the one to use though...

Computex 2004 show report - Day Two

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Computex show report - Day One
June 01, 2004

We didn't venture very far yesterday - never making it out of Hall 2 - but managed to snap some pictures of some Mini-ITX goodies nonetheless. This is Commell's Intel 915G chipset, Prescott powered board, the LV-672 - the first Mini-ITX board we've seen to feature PCI Express. We also took a look at the Lex stand, and investigate the new style heatsink of the EPIA SP.

Computex 2004 show report - Day One

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Nano-ITX wins "Best of Computex"
June 01, 2004

Here in Taipei, VIA have picked up a "Best of Computex" award for their forthcoming Nano-ITX boards, which as you will remember are CN400 chipset, 12cm square and ideally suited for multimedia use. This time they're demonstrating working boards, and most impressive they are too.

VIA's obligatory press release

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