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Commodore USA reanimates the C64
April 07, 2011

Commodore USA reanimates the C64

Nearly 30 years ago Commodore Business Machines released what was to become the most popular home computer ever made - the CBM 64. It had a CPU that ran at 1MHz, just 64K of RAM and ran programs loaded over several minutes from cassette tape. To people of a certain age it was for a while the most desirable object ever created by mankind.

Commodore USA are giving us the chance to re-live these moments again with their all-new Commodore 64. Under the hood courtesy of a standard Mini-ITX motherboard is an Intel Atom dual core processor running 1,800 times faster than the original, paired with an NVidia ION 2 GPU.

DocLorren of course stuffed an early VIA Mini-ITX motherboard into an original C64 chassis for our very own website way back in 2003. We're saying nothing.

New Commodore 64 at Commodore USA

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