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Intel Atom C3958 gets benchmarked on GIGABYTE's MA10 motherboard
October 09, 2017

By Aleksandar Kostovic

We previously covered the release of GIGABYTE's MA10 motherboard and we were impressed by the features it offers.

The Atom C3958 it uses is a fully fledged server-grade SoC with 16 cores each clocked at 2.0GHz with 1MB of L2 cache per core. It features Intel's QuickAssist Technology (QAT) which is their name for a whole range of hardware-assisted crypto acceleration and compression tools designed to secure and route internet traffic.

Now, we have benchmarks under Linux OS thanks to the guys over at ServeTheHome.

The test was done with the following setup:

- GIGABYTE MA10-ST0 (with Intel Atom C3958 CPU)
- 64GB of Micron Ram running at 2400MHz
- Intel DC3710 400Gb SSD
- Intel DC3700 200GB used as boot device

After running eight different benchmarks, the Atom C3958 outperformed the last gen C2758 by a landslide. It managed to beat it due to increased instructions per cycle and the higher core count (from 8 to 16).

If you want to see the full benchmarks and to read more info about Intel's QuickAssist functionality, we recommend you visit ServeTheHome.

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