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NA500 Network Appliances now available
May 24, 2023

NA500 Network Appliances

NA500 1U Short Depth 6x 2.5Gb LAN Server Appliances are now available from Mini-ITX.com as components or as fully built and tested systems with extended 3 year warranty.

The NA500 is a low power consumption system powered by a powerful 10W TDP, 4 Core, 4 Thread 2.0GHz (2.6GHz Burst) Intel Celeron J6412 processor with 6x Intel i225V Gigabit LAN ports (expandable to 10 ports with 4 additional i211AT Gigabit LAN ports), up to 32GB memory, 2.5in and M.2 Type 2242 (NVMe/SATA) drive bays.

The NA500 is compatible with a wide range of Linux and Windows operating systems, including pfSense, OPNSense, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and pretty much any other modern OS you can throw at it.

NA500 1U Network Server Appliances at Mini-ITX.com

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