The "SaturnPC"
By Musse, Sweden
Posted on August 24, 2002
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Musse in Sweden hollowed out his Sega Saturn with his trusty Dremel and filled it up again with a Mini-ITX motherboard, hard drive and CD. Sourcing a small PSU proved a problem, so it's externally mounted for the moment!

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  1. Everyone needs a Dremel
  2. The LEDs and CD ROM
  3. Some things that fit, some things that don't...
  4. Action Shots
  5. The SaturnPC Gallery

1. Everyone needs a Dremel

I stripped my old Sega Saturn console. I used my dremel :) to cut down all the plastic pieces inside and made the case flat inside as much as possible.

The hardware inside is now:

* VIA EPIA 800 MHz Motherboard
* 512 MB SDRAM
* 20 GB 2.5" IBM Travelstar Harddisk
* 32x Slim Teac CD-ROM

Unfortunately I don't own a digital camera so I couldn't take pictures
during the construction process.

I screwed in the motherboard's standoffs under the motherboard in the other 3 holes so it will stand on them (For those who don't know there are 4 holes in each corner).

To the left of the motherboard I have space for the 2.5" harddrive - under the cables.

Next I connected the SDRAM memory plus all remaining cables to the motherboard.