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AMD’s Ryzen 8000G CPUs - the perfect choice for smaller Mini-ITX builds?
January 17, 2024

AMD Ryzen 8000G

Las Vegas, Jan 8th 2024 - AMD announced their latest desktop processors, designed for boards with AM5 sockets.

The processors of most appeal to Mini-ITX aficionados will be their 8000G range, which include powerful built-in graphics on the die. The previous leader in this category is AMD’s own 5700G, which has been around since 2021.

Powerful socket processors with built-in graphics aren’t a new idea. Intel have included reasonable integrated graphics for years on most of their processors, and AMD’s more recent socket AM5 processors have all included integrated graphics. But the difference with AMD’s ‘G’ processors is the proportion of the die assigned to graphics is much greater than standard desktop socket processors.

AMD Ryzen 8000G

There are 3 processors of interest, plus another one you won’t be able to buy. The Ryzen 7 8700G is at the top of the heap with 8 Zen4 cores, 16 threads, 12 RDNA3 compute units and a Ryzen AI NPU. The Ryzen 5 8600G has 6 Zen4 cores, 12 threads, 8 RDNA3 compute units and the AI NPU. The Ryzen 3 8500G has 2 Zen4 cores and 4 efficient Zen4c cores, 12 threads and 4 RDNA3 compute units but no AI NPU. The Ryzen 3 8300G is a base level processor only available for OEM partners.

A standard ATX PC enclosure almost always supports a graphics card, whereas in the world of Mini-ITX there are many categories of case that don’t need to support them, relying instead on integrated graphics from the SoC or processor. This gives a wider range of form factors and smaller chassis size, and often come with power consumption benefits.

Delightful Mini-ITX enclosures supporting full-sized graphics cards clock in at around 10 litres in volume - but enclosures without GPU support can start at around 2.5 litres. With the new 8000G processors, the bar has been raised for how powerful these tiny machines can be. AMD say these processors will be available from Jan 31st 2024.

AMD Press Release

AMD 8000G Processors

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